The future is bright, the future is ETU and IPA

The future is bright, the future is ETU and IPA

By Paul Groves on 07/11/15 at 12:01 pm

This has been a quiet week now that the season is over but, behind the scenes the ETU folk have been very busy. Earlier this week, a meeting took place between ETU and IPA, better known to us all as Powerman. Over the years, Powerman has given duathletes the chance to race at great venues and has never forgotten that Duathlon is an integral part of our sporting calendar.

John Raadschelders (President International Powerman Association, IPA) on the right and Stefan Ruf (President Powerman Zofingen and Vice President IPA) on the left

Founded over 26 years ago the brand has grown and grown and for many, the ultimate long-distance test is, was and always will be Zofingen. But, to get there, you need to race and train and what better environment is there than our domestic European Circuit.

So, good news for the run / bike / runners in Europe.

ETU President, Renato Bertrandi explains, “I am pleased to announce that earlier this week ETU and IPA signed a memorandum of understanding that will guarantee the delivery of Long Distance Duathlon European Championships for the next 3 years. Preparations are already well advanced for the delivery of the 2016 event in Copenhagen and I am aware of plans for exciting new venues that may feature in 2017 and 2018.

ITU has publically declared its satisfaction with their own partnership with IPA and it seems quite logical for ETU to continue to be part of this exciting growth area in our sport. Over the past years I have witnessed at first hand the high quality of events that are delivered by Powerman and am pleased that our European Duathletes will, over the next few years, be able to race these tough distances at competitions of the highest level.”

Copenhagen has been selected as our long distance European Championships in 2016. What a great venue! Don’t forget; to enter the ETU European Championships you must enter through your Federation.

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