Press Conference starts the weekend.

Press Conference starts the weekend.

By Paul Groves on 01/04/16 at 4:17 pm

Today the inhabitants of Quarteira were able to see the Elite and Junior athletes out and about on the organised swim and bike familiarisations (click the links to see the videos). The sea was able to show the athletes just how easy it is not to exit the surf and make their way up the beach. The bike route, with its massive hill that must be ridden 6 times for the Elite and 3 for the Juniors, is now firmly set in the athletes’ minds.

Fernando Feijão, president from the Portuguese Triathlon Federation, underlines the 2016 Quarteira European Cup as the biggest event ever after 14 editions.

“This is a great organization for the Portuguese Triathlon Federation. We are expecting a great success and we will have the biggest entry list ever. More important, this event is also a great opportunity to compete at the highest level. Our Portuguese young athletes will also have that chance”.

Many of the Portuguese athletes will attempt to qualify for the Médis Lisbon 2016 ETU Triathlon Championships, the European Championship, which will take place in the Portuguese Capital, between 26 and 29 May.

  • Photos from the Portuguese Triathlon Federation.
  • Videos from Sérgio Santos.

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