Sagiv (ISR) and Kristensen (DEN) shock winners in Alanya Junior Cup

Sagiv (ISR) and Kristensen (DEN) shock winners in Alanya Junior Cup

By David Peddie on 07/10/12 at 6:19 pm

Ditte Kristensen capped a fantastic 2012 with victory in the final Junior European Cup of the season in Alanya.

The young dane dominated the race from start to finish to claim her maiden career victory at European level.

Kristensen, pictured above on the podium, has caught the eye with some impressive performances this year, but her victory did come as a surprise.

There was another first as Norway’s Lotte Miller crossed the line to finish in second place, the first podium of her career.

The duo were able to hold off the challenge of pre-race favourite, Olga Agapova.

The young Russian has been one of the most consistent performers on the European Junior circuit this year but had to settle for another third place finish, her third of the season.

In the Junior Men’s race, Shachar Sagiv (ISR) stunned the crowd and the athletes with a powerful display to record his first ever victory.

Sagiv follows in the footsteps of Ron Darmon (Junior winner in 2008 in Tiszaujvaros) in what is a proud result for the Israeli Triathlon Association.

Russian Juniors Maxim Subbotin and Andrey Moiseenko capped a fantastic weekend for the Russian Federation as they claimed the remaining podium positions in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

It was Russia’s 8th podium across both the European and Junior Cups in Alanya.

The results did little to affect the 2012 European Junior Rankings and full confirmation of the final standings will be issued in due course.

Junior Men

1. Shachar Sagiv ISR IL 00:53:31
2. Maxim Subbotin RUS RU 00:53:37
3. Andrey Moiseenko RUS RU 00:53:42
4. Evgeniy Stepanov RUS RU 00:53:45
5. Jiri Kalus CZE CZ 00:53:48
6. Henrik Goesch FIN FI 00:53:50
7. Gustav Iden NOR NO 00:53:50
8. Ilya Prasolov RUS RU 00:53:56
9. Fynn-Rasmus Elischer GER DE 00:53:57
10. Anton Portnyagin KAZ KZ 00:54:00

Junior Women

1. Ditte Kristensen DEN DK 01:01:08
2. Lotte Miller NOR NO 01:02:31
3. Olga Agapova RUS RU 01:02:54
4. Linda Vitova CZE CZ 01:03:08
5. Elena Lokhmanova RUS RU 01:03:15
6. Antonina Pisareva RUS RU 01:03:54
7. Lili Kerekes HUN HU 01:04:23
8. Elvira Emelyanova RUS RU 01:04:26
9. Kristina Nesterenko KAZ KZ 01:04:27
10. Oxana Grot KAZ KZ 01:04:28

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