Important advice for athletes racing in Geneva

Important advice for athletes racing in Geneva

By Paul Groves on 08/07/15 at 7:10 am

Please note the information concerning the high air and water temperatures in Geneva at the present time:

High temperatures:
As is the case across most of Europe, Geneva is experiencing extremely high temperatures, forecasted to remain throughout the event. We would like to remind athletes, staff and accompanying family/friends to take extra precautions.

Prevention measures

  • Stay well hydrated at all times, before, during and after the event
  • When possible, wear a cap or hat to protect your head from the sun
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Try to bike and run early in the morning

Prevention measures taken by LOC

  • Sprays will be placed on the run course for athletes to step under & cool down
  • Provisions for extra water are in place if necessary


Duck fleas*

Due to high water temperatures, duck fleas have proliferated in our lake. This can create moderate to severe itching without gravity from the minutes following a lake swim and for up to 15 days after the appearance.

Prevention measures for the athlete

  • Prefer to swim in deep water and not near the shores
  • Avoid long bathing times
  • Energetically dry with a towel and shower quickly after swimming
  • Use of wetsuit and Vaseline can help
  • After swim familiarization and if you are swimming within the allowed swimming zones of the lake, please rinse off

Prevention measures taken by the LOC

  • A water jet will be situated at the exit of the AG swim exit and the Elite swim exit.

Additional to this, showers will be located at the start area during the swim familiarizations.

(*) The "duck flea", a natural and common phenomenon, unrelated to pollution. Even on a beach whose bacterial hygiene is impeccable, there may be a risk of occurrence of "swimmer's itch" or "Duck fleas", particularly in shallow waters, rich in vegetation and with temperatures above 20 ° C. This parasitic infection can cause moderate to severe itching, fortunately without any gravity. To prevent its appearance, it is recommended to rinse off or shower immediately after exciting the lake and then rub vigorously with a towel. If the rash still appears, avoid scratching to prevent secondary bacterial infections, a soothing skin lotion can help reduce the itch. The rash disappears without a trace in 10 to 20 days.

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